Mobilgam living area

Mobilgam is a cutting-edge company in terms of technique, design and production details, guaranteed by years of experience and the unmistakable traits of “made in Italy” which is enhanced in the production plants located in the heart of Veneto.
Mobilgam, taking advantage of its production capacity, the versatility of the materials processed and interpreting the world of furniture in a confident and innovative way, offers those who want to purchase one of its compositions maximum versatility, proposing as well as a vast range of standard and non-standard colours. to personalize your collections, also a choice of original decorations, from modern design to unique graphic textures, also made on request.

Our choice

The company Mobilgam is one of our selected partners for living areas. The company offers a wide range of solutions capable of interpreting the needs and expectations of our customers. A made in Italy characterized by a modern design.

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