Corazzin sleeping area


Founded in 1966, Industria Mobili F.lli Corazzin has always invested in research, technology and computerization.

It is a solid company that today presents itself as a leader in the furnishing systems sector. We are certain of the product it offers because the entire production cycle takes place within the factory with careful control, from cutting to drilling, from assembly to packaging and shipping. They thus guarantee not only the quality, innovation and design of the product, but also the timely and professional service. A company philosophy like ours that puts the customer first, through product quality, integrating craftsmanship with the automation of industrial production, because every small detail is a value that remains over time.

Our choice

The Corazzin company is one of our selected partners, to furnish and create personalized spaces in the children’s sleeping area. The company offers a vast range of systems and accessories in the name of flexibility and transversality, combined with a rich range of colors and exclusive finishes.

Ideal programs to interpret the different needs of children, both functional and aesthetic, with the use of innovative materials in an elegant and refined linearity.
Satisfying the needs of our younger customers becomes for us not only an ethical value but also a quality one, capable of expressing something new that remains over time.

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