Home tradition


We have been producing furniture since 1850, with a long tradition in working with wood in all its types, shapes and colours. Today in our showroom we offer tailor-made solutions for every room in the house. The exhibition spaces dedicated to the technical areas of the kitchen, wardrobes and children’s area allow you to experience first-hand a quality forged by 3 generations of wood craftsmen. Our team is made up of long-experienced designers, capable of fulfilling your every furnishing fantasy. Because a house is truly beautiful when it is born from the shape of your desires.

“Quality lives in the details, perfection knows no rush”

From this consideration comes our ability to provide interior design consultancy to our customers.

With passion and dedication we dedicate ourselves to understanding the needs and requirements in order to offer concrete possibilities of choice, choices that materialize desires, expectations and dreams with the realization.

Your dream home

The house, your home is the place, that set of spaces through which you express and manifest your personality, your sensitivity and your character.

A place where we can feel welcomed, protected, in harmony with ourselves and with others, an environment where we can express our taste and our personal vision of life.

The house, your home is all this and undoubtedly much more. Our goal is to accompany you in realizing not only your dreams and desires but in fully expressing how you wish to feel and experience your nest.

Understanding is the starting point

As we often love to repeat, for us, the most important thing is to understand, to welcome through patient dialogue, in order to then be able to offer you a panorama of solutions corresponding to your needs and expectations.

Accompanying you in your choices is our mission

Choosing is very often perceived as a complicated task, which leads to uncertainties and second thoughts. In this we dedicate ourselves to accompanying you in a conscious choice that takes every aspect into consideration in every circumstance and nothing is left to chance or improvisation.