The emotions of music for the soul, Emiliano Toso

An event created to thank our customers for the trust granted and maintained over time.

It is customary for companies like ours to invest resources to promote, advertise and do marketing. We do it too, but this time we have chosen to invest to give a gift and thank our customers.

We have chosen to create an event, but not just any event, an intimate concert open to a limited and selected number, essentially to our customers, who we have always loved to consider friends, travel companions in this life.

The performer of the concert was Emiliano Toso, a famous and esteemed pianist.

Who is Emiliano Toso and why did we want him for our event?

For those who haven’t already known him due to his fame, we’ll tell you who Emiliano Toso is.

Emiliano Toso


I compose, play and record my music mainly on the piano tuned to 432Hz.
I graduated in Biological Sciences in 1998, and in 2008 I obtained a Doctorate in Human Biology from the University of Turin. My career as a Man of Science led me to work for 16 years as associate director in charge of the Molecular Biology group at an International Biomedical Research Institute, where I contributed to the setting up of methods approved by the FDA and EMA. I have combined my activity as a scientific researcher with a path of personal growth in which music has become one of the main ingredients: so, in 2013, I decided to turn my life upside down by making a dream come true: the recording of my first album “Translational Music”, with which I inaugurate my project of integration between Biology and Music at 432Hz.

The surprising unpredictability of events…

Everything had been prepared and arranged in the outdoor area of our company. Mounted the stage, the sound system, the lighting, the seats. everything was ready to welcome our guests to the notes of the composer Emiliano Toso.

As you would never want to happen, the unpredictability of the weather conditions put the execution of the event at risk.

We found ourselves having to decide, without many options, whether to cancel the event or invent some unlikely solution. We chose to use our exhibition area as a place, a sort of improvised theatre.

We dismantled everything present in the exhibition area and reorganized a stage, audio system and seating arrangement. We feared that everything was an extreme risk that would fail to meet expectations, both ours and those of the guests.

This wonderful unpredictability that led us to redesign the event was essentially a gift, in fact the performance, inside the company’s exhibition hall, offered an unexpected pleasure, the welcome of a theater with its audience and its galleries, the warmth of a more intimate environment, where every vibration of the notes is resonated in the environment and in the body.

We can only thank for this occasion full of unexpected events and for the wonderful participation of those who accepted our invitation, sharing with us this exciting moment of deep listening.