The home of your dreams

For over 3 generations we have been offering professional consultancy and offering furnishings selected with taste and experience, solutions tailor-made for your spaces and your life.

Home Not just a place

The house, be it large or small, is not simply a place to stay, but it is the nest in which to express ourselves, in which to feel our emotions welcomed, where to share moments with loved ones and friends.

The home is a part of us, environments through which we express our character and personality.

Express Character and personality

Furnishing a room in the house is not about identifying the most suitable furniture, but rather combining colors, fabrics and shapes with harmony, to express our individuality.

Here every aspect becomes fundamental for the realization of the dream, through the choice of materials, color combinations, curtains as well as carpets and accessories.

Realize The dream

Realizing the dream of the house we have always wanted is possible and we could also say the pleasure of indulging in welcoming living.

We at Fornomobili work to understand expectations and dreams to make them possible with projects and solutions.

From consultancy to the realization of your dream

  • Consulting
  • Project and Solutions
  • Presentation
  • Construction and Installation

Consulting is the key aspect of our work. Our commitment is to grasp every desire, every expectation so that the proposed projects or solutions can represent the realization of your dreams.

The consultancy begins in our offices with interior design experts, and then continues with careful inspections of your home.

Our technicians and Interior Designers, analyzing every aspect that emerged in the meetings during the preliminary consultancy phase, develop customized solutions and projects, with the aim of satisfying every expectation.

The aim is to create the home of your dreams by dedicating the utmost attention to every room.

The presentation is the moment in which to choose between the solutions and projects that we will show you.

A representation of layout, rendering and 3D and virtual representations to allow you to grasp the result you will achieve with the creation.

Our specialized technicians and craftsmen will intervene to create and modify everything necessary for a perfect installation, faithful to the projects and your expectations.

With great attention to detail we proceed with the installation of each element that will furnish your rooms.

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