Consulting as part of the project

The consultancy we offer at Forno Mobili to our customers is first of all a careful and meticulous analysis of needs.

It’s not a question of understanding which environment to furnish, but rather what the environment must express and offer in an emotional way.

A journey therefore begins to understand tastes, colours, loved shapes, desires that are sometimes not always fully manifest and, even more importantly, the emotional state that one wishes to experience and feel in the environment that will be created.

The home, in all its environments, is not only the manifestation of our personality, but also a place where we can express ourselves, where we can let our emotions free, where we can remember the sensations that made us happy and felt welcomed. Here it becomes important, even more than a purely aesthetic interpretation, to grasp those personal and fundamental nuances that activate sensations of serenity, joy, well-being and welcome, freeing the emotions.

It might appear to be a journey into individual psychology, but we prefer to interpret it as a welcoming profound understanding of the deepest needs, those that go beyond and redesign the aesthetic canons of an environment.

From understanding we move on to the analysis of the possibilities that can satisfy and represent what is desired; this aspect does not stop at an aseptic choice of furnishing components, but extends to all the elements that lead to the creation of the ideal environment. The colors of the walls or the design of wallpapers, the color combinations with fabrics, carpets and curtains are analysed, completing the analysis in the evaluation of accessories and individual elements capable of completing the whole in its extremely personal uniqueness.

Consulting is therefore a recommended and necessary path to fully realize the environments as we feel we want them deep in our hearts and our desires, it is a method to leave nothing to chance, but carefully build everything necessary to realize the dream.

If you would like to learn more or ask us for clarification regarding consultancy, do not hesitate to contact us and above all if you feel the need for consultancy, book it, we will be happy to give you all the attention, skills and professionalism necessary to help you achieve your goal.